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Zuma เกมส์ยิงลูกแก้ว Version เต่าทองครับ FREE DOWNLOAD Date : 2010-09-20 13:28:51

Zuma Download Games  Zuma เกมส์ยิงลูกแก้วTumblebugs 2

Zuma Download Games  Zuma เกมส์ยิงลูกแก้ว Tumblebugs เกมส์ยิงลูกแก้ว Version เต่าทองครับ น่ารักดี

Zuma Download Games Zuma marble shooting game Tumblebugs 2.

Zuma Download Games Zuma Tumblebugs game shooting game shooting marble marble Version cute ladybug good



            Tumblebugs download

Zuma iPod Game Download

Zuma is a simple game for iPod. It is developed by PopCap. This game is compatible with iPod Videos. That means, Zuma for iPod can be played only in iPods with video playing capability. This game is not available for free download legally. However, some websites are found to distribute illegal copies of this game. The method to get this game is mentioned at the bottom of this article. If you have already got this game then here is how you can play it:

The object of the game is to clear all of the balls before they reach the Sun God (Skull). To play this game, you need to clear balls by connecting three or more of the same colour in a row. Aim the From by pressing left or right on the joystick. You can even press download joystick to snap the Frog 180 degrees. Once the Frog is aimed where you want the ball to go, press the select to shoot a ball.

The gem in the back of the Frog shows the color of the next ball. You can swap the current ball with the next ball by pressing up on the joystick. Everything you have to do is to prevent a ball from reaching a Sun God. Once it reaches, you lose you one life. The game is over when you have no more lives.

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In a deep dark lair, in Any Backyard USA, creep the Evil Black Bugs. You, the hero “Tumble”, hold the fate of your beetle buddies in your hands. Save the colorful beetles from being enslaved by the Black Bug Empire.

Set your buggy brethren free by matching beetles of the same color in groups of three or more. Save them all before they fall into the depths of the Black Bug’s lair. Tumblebugs adds fun and exciting features to the match three puzzle genre. Lob shots over rows with “Ballistic Bugs”.

On many levels you will have the ability to jump between multiple shooting platforms and take shots from different angles. Tumblebugs is by far the best thing to come out of the action puzzle genre this year!
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